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Autotrail Tracker EKS


This Motorhome is 2 berth and 2 belts.

                         Tracker EKS Floorplan

(L) 3m

(W) 2.35m







The perfect open-plan layout.

Choose the Hi-Line option with the overcab double, and after a late night you can simply sink into a comfy bed without reconfiguring the lounge or clearing the kitchen. The Auto-Trail Tracker EKS is a versatile family tourer or roomy escape for two. The kitchen is situated at the end of the vehicle, providing more space to prepare a home cooked meal.




Room for entertaining

For entertaining, the EKS's large central seating area may suit your needs perfectly. This favoured model has a generous open plan interior, including two 1.52m (5ft) inward-facing bench seats which brings the two swivelling captain's chairs into play to create a huge inclusive lounge to relax in.

After swivelling the cab seats, the bench seats can be transformed into a large double with generous storage space underneath. The rear kitchen is well equipped and accessible with plenty of space for preparation and storage.



Drive like a local

The integrated TomTom satellite system is available as part of media packs 2 and 3 and will ensure you always know where you're going. This DAB radio and CD player features a 5” colour touch screen, Western European navigation maps, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port and reversing camera - all in one convenient package.

Tom Tom Logo


Lo-Line with over cab storage area and Skyline panoramic opening window             


Fiat Ducato chassis type Light

Wheel base (mm)                                                                                                        3450

Euro 6 MultiJet II engine                                                                                           ✔ Included as standard

Max. torque 320Nm@1800rpm (130bhp)                                                            ✔ Included as standard

Engine output (130bhp) Euro 6 high torque, fuel efficient system                   ✔ Included as standard

Drive                                                                                                                               Front

Number of cylinders                                                                                                    4

Common rail direct injection diesel                                                                        ✔ Included as standard

Number of gears (forward)                                                                                        6

Intercooler                                                                                                                   ✔ Included as standard


Lo-Line height m (Imperial)                                                                                        3.03 (9'11")

Hi-Line height m (Imperial)                                                                                        3.10 (10'2")

Overall length m (Imperial)                                                                                        6.44 (21'1")

Overall width mirrors folded m (Imperial)                                                              2.35 (7'9")

Overall width mirrors unfolded m (Imperial)                                                         2.77 (9'1")

Fresh water capacity (ltr)                                                                                            135

Waste water capacity (ltr)                                                                                          85

Gas bottle storage (Calor propane) (kg)                                                                  1x7, 1x13

Fuel tank capacity (ltr)                                                                                                90

Max. front axle loading (kg)                                                                                        1850

Max. rear axle loading (kg)                                                                                         2000

Max. gross weight (all 3500kg models can be upgraded to 3650kg FOC) (kg)              3500

Max. gross train weight (with 3650kg upgrade MGTW increases to 4900kg)              4750

Mass in running order (kg)                                                                                         3190

Max. towing weight (kg)                                                                                             1250

Tyres                                                                                                              225/75 R16CP

Awning size (m)                                                                                           3.5


Max. no. of berths                                                                                      4 (Hi-Line)

Over cab (Hi-Line only) m (Imperial) No cost option (Included as standard on Imala 625 and Apache 634)         1.89x1.18 (6'2"x4'0")

Front double m (Imperial)                                                                       208x1.69 (6'8"x5'6")


Tansy luxury upholstery with full curtains                                           ✔ Included as standard     

Scatter cushions (qty)                                                                                2

Side wall ventilation boards                                                                   ✔ Included as standard

Cushioned vinyl floor with removable bound-edged carpets          ✔ Included as standard

Fire retardant upholstery                                                                        ✔ Included as standard


Illuminated splash back                                                                           ✔ Included as standard     

Flush fitting 4 ring hob (3 x gas, 1 x 800W electric), full oven/grill and pan store     ✔ Included as standard

96 ltr fridge with removable freezer compartment                         ✔ Included as standard

Fully fitted stainless steel 800W microwave                       ✔ Included as standard

Cutlery storage                                                                                                            ✔ Included as standard

Domestic style single lever mixer taps                                                                   ✔ Included as standard

Domestic style worktops                                                                                          ✔ Included as standard

Inset sink with flush-fitting cover and dedicated sink cover storage                ✔ Included as standard

Domestic drawer system with soft close                                                                ✔ Included as standard


Domestic style bathroom taps and shower head/controls                                ✔ Included as standard

Domestic style washroom doors                                                                              ✔ Included as standard

Fully enclosed seamless shower cubicle                                                                 ✔ Included as standard

High level foldaway drying rail in shower                                                              ✔ Included as standard

Variable shower control and riser tower                                                                ✔ Included as standard

Storage cabinet                                                                                                           ✔ Included as standard

Blown air heating outlets to washroom area                                                       ✔ Included as standard

Large mirror                                                                                                                ✔ Included as standard

12V electric flush toilet with removable cassette on wheels                            ✔ Included as standard


Easy access to bed boxes                                                                                          ✔ Included as standard

Aosta Cherry solid plywood interior furniture                                                      ✔ Included as standard

Two tone upper locker doors                                                                                  ✔ Included as standard

Textured 'cool grey' band to upper locker doors                                                 ✔ Included as standard

Pleated flyscreens/blinds to all opening windows                                               ✔ Included as standard

Cocktail cabinet                                                                                                          ✔ Included as standard

Free standing table (pedestal on Apache 700)                                                     ✔ Included as standard

Metal rollerball drawer runners                                                                              ✔ Included as standard

On the move heating                                                                                                 ✔ Included as standard


Fully upholstered height adjustable driver and passenger Captain's seats with twin armrests and swivel seat base Included as standard

Techno dash - brushed alloy effect                        ✔ Included as standard

Bottle/cup holder and USB charging point                          ✔ Included as standard

Air-con cooled water bottle storage                      ✔ Included as standard

High level instrument cluster with chrome bezels                           ✔ Included as standard

Steering wheel controls for radio and telephone               ✔ Included as standard

Gear shift indicator on dashboard (Only on automatic gearbox version)  

Cab air conditioning                     ✔ Included as standard

Multi-function trip computer                    ✔ Included as standard

Digital clock                     ✔ Included as standard

Storage pockets in both cab doors                         ✔ Included as standard

Pleated blinds to cab windows                 ✔ Included as standard

Folding tablet/smartphone holder to dashboard               ✔ Included as standard


Fresh/waste water tank gauge (colour touch screen on Tracker, Apache & Frontier range)  ✔ Included as standard

Pressurised water system                          ✔ Included as standard

Waste water tank pipe extension                           ✔ Included as standard


Touchscreen control panel with digital display - ability to monitor vehicle remotely            ✔ Included as standard

Ambient concealed LED over locker lighting                       ✔ Included as standard

12V under locker LED dimmable lighting               ✔ Included as standard

12V under locker LED reading lights                       ✔ Included as standard

12V courtesy wardrobe light                                                                                    ✔ Included as standard

230V socket(s)                                                                                                            ✔ Included as standard

Coaxial TV aerial, 12V and 230V socket                                                                  ✔ Included as standard

Battery charge/discharge digital readout (amps)                                                 ✔ Included as standard

Digital clock with alarm facilities                                                                              ✔ Included as standard

Digital inside and outside temperature guide                                                      ✔ Included as standard

Engine battery condition indicator                                                                          ✔ Included as standard

Variable rate transformer/charger                                                                         ✔ Included as standard

Illuminated entrance door area                                                                              ✔ Included as standard

Leisure battery condition indicator (volts)                                                            ✔ Included as standard

RCD unit                                                                                                                       ✔ Included as standard

Rear speakers                                                                                                             ✔ Included as standard

3kW gas and/or 2kW heating with 12V blown air                                                ✔ Included as standard

Gas/electric ultra store water heater (10 ltr)                                                        ✔ Included as standard


5 year warranty for conversion (T&C's apply)                                                      ✔ Included as standard

10 year body construction integrity warranty (T&C's apply)                             ✔ Included as standard

2 year Fiat warranty for chassis (T&C's apply)                                                      ✔ Included as standard

Grade 3 insulation                                                                                                      ✔ Included as standard

Full vinyl underfloor protection                                                                              ✔ Included as standard

Laminated wall construction (full thickness = 40mm)                                         ✔ Included as standard

Laminated floor construction (full thickness = 45mm)                                                                                                                                   ✔ Included as standard                                                                                                

Laminated roof construction (full thickness = 40mm)                     ✔ Included as standard


Brushed aluminium front grille and lower skid plate                       ✔ Included as standard

Chrome headlamp surrounds                   ✔ Included as standard

Metallic grey cab and coordinating exterior graphics                     ✔ Included as standard

GRP high gloss aerodynamic overcab roof moulding                      ✔ Included as standard

GRP high gloss rear panel with LED light clusters               ✔ Included as standard

Integral spare wheel (steel on rear panel) and moulded cover                    ✔ Included as standard

GRP high gloss scratch/damage resistant side walls                        ✔ Included as standard

Distinctive Auto-Trail exterior graphics                 ✔ Included as standard

Acrylic capped ABS side skirts                   ✔ Included as standard

Colour coded front bumper                      ✔ Included as standard

Front mud flaps               ✔ Included as standard

Rear mud flaps                ✔ Included as standard

Integral moulded entrance step with removable mat                     ✔ Included as standard

High security entrance door with central locking with blind, waste bin, flyscreen and Auto-Trail umbrella with storage   ✔ Included as standard

Electrically operated step                          ✔ Included as standard

Adjustable, electrically operated heated exterior mirrors with blind spot mirror   ✔ Included as standard

Electrically operated cab windows                         ✔ Included as standard

Exterior cold shower unit                           ✔ Included as standard

External gas BBQ point                ✔ Included as standard

16" Fiat alloy wheels (including steel type spare wheel)                ✔ Included as standard


Exterior storage/access locker                  ✔ Included as standard

Cantilever side underfloor storage locker                           ✔ Included as standard


Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) to headlamps                    ✔ Included as standard

LED exterior awning light                           ✔ Included as standard

LED front marker lights                ✔ Included as standard

LED rear marker lights                  ✔ Included as standard

Side running lights                        ✔ Included as standard

LED rear lights                 ✔ Included as standard

3rd high level brake light                           ✔ Included as standard


Leisure battery (100AH on Imala / 92AH AGM on Tracker, Apache & Frontier) (qty)      1

100W solar panel                          ✔ Included as standard

Exterior 230V socket (situated under rear bed/storage areas)                    ✔ Included as standard


Double glazed windows with pleated flyscreens and blinds                         ✔ Included as standard

Wind up panoramic roof light (Skyline available on Lo-Line & Hi-Line)                     ✔ Included as standard

12V 3 speed roof fan/ventilator               ✔ Included as standard


Cruise control with speed limiter (no speed limiter on 177bhp)                 ✔ Included as standard

ABS braking                     ✔ Included as standard

Disc brakes front and rear                         ✔ Included as standard

Central locking (to cab and habitation door)                      ✔ Included as standard

Fitted engine immobiliser                         ✔ Included as standard

Spare wheel (steel type)                            ✔ Included as standard

ECWVTA compliance to all relevant EU standards                           ✔ Included as standard

National Caravan Council approved                       ✔ Included as standard

Entrance door grab handle                        ✔ Included as standard

Flame failure shut-off valves to all gas appliances                           ✔ Included as standard

Isolation taps to all gas appliances                         ✔ Included as standard

Smoke alarm/CO2 alarm                           ✔ Included as standard

Fire extinguisher                           ✔ Included as standard